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blue train

I was in a state of general despair, because I didn't exactly know what to do with myself after work. This isn't an entirely uncommon event. However, the universal unconscious must've been listening, as it occasionally does, since a friend randomly called me up and said "hey, you wanna do coffee or something ?"

I braved the Grand Prix-crowded tram, where a girl talked loudly on her mobile about "yeah...yeah...I just need a couple of pictures for an article for the Herald-Sun...nah, not one of cars, I used one of them last week...yeah, a guy handing out awards...bingo ! that's your picture...". Meanwhile, some English visitors were terribly amused that we had a Batman Avenue.

We'd normally eat at Tonkatsu Joshu and sometimes have a coffee at Degraves Espresso, but since one was gone and the other too busy, she suggested Blue Train, across the river. It's become a bit of an Old Reliable these days, even if you can only turn up and take your chance at getting a table (no bookings). The menu hasn't really changed very much in years, but it's got a good cross-section of food - there's bound to be something you could cope with eating. I must humbly admit, though, that the spring rolls we shared (look, I had a large lunch, or I would've ordered something "real") seemed a bit lacking, and it frightened me somewhat that I thought I might be missing meat. I've been easing myself into a more non-meat-reliant diet - I still have a long way to go, mind you - and I've rarely found myself choosing a meat-free dish and then regretting it afterwards. I'll have to atone for this entire day somehow - I spent it being generally shitty to people at work, and now this.

Of course, don't take this as a criticism of Blue Train. Okay, their spring rolls aren't top of the line (especially when Victoria St's not too far away), but the lesson to learn from all this is that I should've ordered something better anyway. Under the circumstances, perhaps a piece of cake - the ones that sit there in a glass case next to where you queue up, just to rub it in - would've been good.

np : Heavenly's Operation Heavenly.

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