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men of the cloth


I was having a solitary lunch at City Café mostly for personal sanity reasons, when I figured I'd walk up a few shops and visit 188D, since I hadn't been in for a while. I think I've got "enough" t-shirts for the time being, so I have to avoid temptation, you see. Still, it was worth a look. I came out with one very nice t-shirt (you knew this would happen, right ?) by some new up-and-coming local person or other - the label simply says "Karl", so I don't have much to go on, though. It's simple enough, a face, a glass of milk and a sandwich. There's a certain "rawness" that reminds me of an old t-shirt I once loved, but don't want wear for fear of it fading even more than it has. I hope to see more like this. I'm not a big fan of wearing t-shirts (or whatever) that just have the company name emblazoned across it, with no other distinguishing (or interesting) features. It's boring.

In any case, I guess things must be up for the local t-shirt designing industry - the guy in 188D reckoned he was going to start cutting back on all the "big name" clothing, 'cause there's so much good local stuff going on now. When I head to Singapore, I'll make sure to take a few examples of local talent to wear. Meanwhile, go down and buy some for yourself.

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