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guided by choices

(last night's Mark Eitzel pics oughta be up this evening. also, there seems to be a new site, which didn't have anything useful on it the other week when I checked.)

NATN reviews the new, back-to-Matador release from Guided By Voices, Universal Truths And Cycles.

Pitchfork sez Elliott Smith has a new album just around the corner, as well as reviewing something new by mad turntablist dude Otomo Yoshihide.

Meanwhile in Telstra-land, Martin Jones talks to Darren Hanlon about his new album, Hello Stranger, Brian Wise reviews the recent Steve Earle gigs, and we hear that Beth Orton (remember her ?) finally has a new album on the way, with a heap of assistance from famous bods.

I wish I could come up with something as short, pithy and funny as this (the first of the three).

Also, I forgot to mention that I picked up Howe Gelb's solo effort of last year, Confluence, the other day - I'm still on this Giant Sand kick, and hey, the price was right...

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