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I came here a couple of years back, and remember feeling a bit packed in amongst all the wooden decor and metal chopsticks. It wasn't so bad this time (apart from the bar/club downstairs), though I'm a bit unsure what the deal was with having all these tree cores (as in, the bit just above the stump area, with the beginnings of branches fanning out from it) hanging from the ceiling, waiting to fall on unsuspecting diners...

Nice food. Very nice food - just enough to fill, without feeling like you've been shafted by the whole "less is more" thing. I decided to be "good" and chose the potato and avocado korma over the beef and ginger sausages, and it was so good that I'm tempted to go back soon to try everything else.

The coolest thing, perhaps, was the dinner bell (so to speak). No boring doorbell for these guys, they'd stolen one of the pipe-bits off the bottom of a xylophone or similar device and stuck it on the wall. Think of the nice, warm "ding" sound you get on an aircraft when it's time to fasten your seatbelts - it was a bit like that, only not at quite the same pitch.

Zukini's in Flinders Lane, west (well, north-west) of Elizabeth St, next to the alley where Robot is.

* 00:31 * food and drink