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blue corn

We haven't really had a hip Mexican café in Melbourne before (or at least, I was asleep when there was. I don't get out all the time). Traditionally, it's been Taco Bill, Taco Villa, Montezuma's and a few other traditional Mexican restaurants scattered throughout the suburbs. Oh, and the long-running-but-now-sadly-missed Little Reata in the city.

Blue Corn is a bit more subtle than most Mexican eateries, as befits its location in Barkly St, St Kilda (it's near the Acland St intersection - if you get as far as Raoul Records, you've gone too far, but since you're there, you may as well go in and buy a CD or two). It's not overflowing with the usual array of painted objects and stuff - there's a few wrestling masks and such on a shelf over near the counter, but that's most of it. It's not a large place, unfortunately, so you just have to take your chances on the weekend, but it's worth going off for a spot of shopping and coming back if it's full at first.

On the first couple of visits, I found myself ordering the omelette again and again. Despite all the other yummy looking things on the menu, it's big, full of corn and sausage and other stuff, and it comes with the totally fabulous bluish corn bread. When you find something this good, it's hard to feel like bothering reading the rest of the menu, or even the specials. This time though, I branched out and had a "garlic lamb wrap", which was very nicely arranged -a trio of green-tortilla-wrapped lamb and vegetable concoctions - and tasted great. And it was mostly green, so I can feel like I ate something that was good for me. I think.

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