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eggs benedict

The secret of good Eggs Benedict is to use English Muffins. Really. None of this crusty bread stuff for me, thanks, it gets in the way. Now, I'm not the sort of person who normally avoids crusts (despite this, I don't have curly hair), but there's something about Eggs Benedict that just doesn't lend itself to hard, crusty bits of bread. English Muffins. You heard it here.

Toast, in Smith St, is one such fine institution that understands the superiority of English Muffins for Eggs Benedict. Much recommended. Though if I'd noticed the Corn Fritters on the specials board, I would've tried them instead (next time, I suppose. it gives me a reason to return, and soon). If there's one thing I love more than Eggs Benedict, it's Corn Fritters. Small, yellow and sunny - just like an egg, only less...eggy. In my version of the afterlife, we'll all be feasting on corn fritters and all sorts of dishes with nuts in them.

(no photo, sorry, I left the camera at home today.)

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