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the croft institute

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If you wander through back-alleys and rubbish bins, you'll eventually find the famed Croft Institute. It's all very "chemistry" - the bar's an old lab desktop, complete with (inactive) gas nozzles down one end. Industrial-looking bottles of vodka line the upper shelves behind it. The floor's that traditional old grey lino tiling that still haunts science faculties to this day. There's a random assortment of familiar-looking glassware behind glass, though I think I can safely say I've forgotten just about all of my 2-and-a-bit years of university chemistry, so I wouldn't remember how to assemble it all. Oh, and yes, the toilets are called "the department of (fe/)male hygiene". The music wasn't as interesting as one might expect - you could have a lot of fun playing some good, cold electronica in here. Michael probably got better photos than I did (did you ?).

* 18:27 * food and drink