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the other sort of exercise

/melbourne/2002/08/18-fitzroy-01 /melbourne/2002/08/18-fitzroy-02

I'd lent my camera to somebody for a week, so I figured I should exercise it (and myself) while I was out. I'll probably never reach the photos-on-the-brain level of other people I know (or kind of know), but I'd like to think I'm making an effort of sorts.

Sometimes when you look at a friend's website for the first time in a while, you find something like this (yes, that was Mavis and I, once upon a time. see here for my, uh, interpretations of that particular day).

/melbourne/2002/08/18-fitzroy-03 misc/2002-07-17-print

That big thing with the girl and the Vespa happened to be just (almost) like the print I'd bought to take to Singapore for Mavis' sister + husband as a wedding gift. It fits their retro-styled apartment except that it's not orange and brown like most of the rest of their stuff. Hopefully they'll be able to do something useful with it, though. Duane saw it, and said it made him miss Melbourne.


Just when I thought I might be losing the ability to relax. Fortunately I have friends who encourage lollygagging in cafés on a Sunday afternoon - brunch around midday, some light shopping, and another coffee (above). I remember somebody telling me they couldn't understand why anyone would want to sit around in a café for ages. Perhaps she understands, years later.


Also, Polyester came through with the goods again - they had the American Analog Set's remix EP updates, so I now have it, Alex. I spotted another copy of know by heart there ($35 again, unfortunately), so if you've been after a copy in Melbourne and can't/won't order it off the net, you know where to go. Meanwhile, you can at least give the sample MP3's a go.

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