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friendly northern neighbours

So, where do you take an out-of-town friend who's visiting for a few days and wants to eat some nice food ? Here's what I did :

  • Zukini - nice atmosphere, excellent food (of the "fusion" variety, I guess you'd call it).

  • KimChi Grandma, all the way out in Carnegie (though I notice there's one in Box Hill, now) - our best Korean food - I notice the menu changed and expanded since last time I went (was it that long?).

  • Camy Shanghai Noodle and Dumpling House - one of the many "the decor's so old because the food's so good" places in town but, like, this one does dumplings. I've been going here for at least 8 years and I can't see a single thing that's changed.

  • The Tandoor, Chapel St (opposite the Jam Factory) - my friend had never(!) tried Indian food before, so this seemed like a good place to come to - I hadn't been here in a while, but it's still good, solid food with enough attention to detail to raise it above the average Indian restaurant.

* 20:00 * food and drink