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small block

On a hot tip that they served corn fritters, I made my way over to a place called Small Block on Lygon St. It's very concretey, with minimal colour and minimal decor. There's not really much to look at apart from a collection of petrol station numbers hanging on the wall, so make sure you bring a book or a friend. Oh yes, and they have a unisex toilet (space efficiency or ultramodernism ? you decide).

It turns out that I missed corn fritter season so I opted for my old standby of Eggs Benedict, and these guys put in a strong effort - excellent muffin base and it wasn't awash with sauce, though one could conceivably find the eggs a little too runny if one were to be bothered by such things.

Anyway, it's a nice enough place. I'll be back soon.

* 13:13 * food and drink