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  • The Flamin' Locos bring coloured-haired rockabilly to The Cornish Arms tomorrow (Wednesday) night, which could be fun.

  • ...but maybe not quite as fun as The Ennio Morricone Experience who are playing at The Corner Hotel next Wednesday.

  • Dave Graney's earlier band The Moodists play another reformation gig at the Corner on June 13. I've yet to pick up the Two-Fisted Art compilation, but I reckon Dave'd put on a pretty good gig (at least, he did last time I caught him - better than on the album !).

  • The Go-Betweens play the Corner on June 25 and 26, on the back of their recent album Bright Yellow Bright Orange - a bit easier and breezier than the last one, but it depends on who you listen to (an overseas friend reckoned it sounded like there was something missing ?).

  • Ron Sexsmith plays the Corner on July 2nd. I haven't kept up with him lately but I keep hearing good things, so I'll try and remember to show up.

  • The Polyester/Candle newsletter mentions that Interpol, Cat Power and Yo La Tengo are touring later this year, too. Good things come in threes, perhaps ? Alex had a nice review of a recent YLT gig over in his part of the world - here's hoping it'll be that good.

Gah. I still haven't got myself to Spider, and I'm going to have to make time for assimilating myself with the new toy when it arrives. I can see this being another high-intentioned but low-turnout time for gigs.

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