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dave graney in-store gig at borders, 2002-11-10

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I happened to be wandering through Borders when Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Bill Miller were setting up for their in-store gig a little later on, so I came back to watch. I'll admit that I hadn't listened much to the previous album Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - it hadn't grabbed me much - but I still have a soft spot for Dave's suave storytelling, and the performance certainly convinced me to buy a copy of the CD, which he signed for me afterwards. I was quite impressed by Bill's nice little mood-setting electric guitar twiddling in between Dave and Clare.

A friendly guy called Hugh struck up a converstaion with me afterwards, based on seeing the Fall badge I had on my bag. His Fall collection lies somewhere in the mid-30's, while mine's only in the mid-20's - you have to defer to somebody who's obviously rather committed. He mentioned he DJ's at 161 down on High St on Thursday nights - "I even play The Fall," he said - so I might try and pop in sometime.

The Dave Graney Show - Heroic Blues the signed CD booklet

Hugh asked Dave about the whole in-store gig thing, to which Dave replied "well, a lot of our fans don't want to come and see us at pubs." I guess when your target demographic has aged with you...He handed us both a freebie copy of the Rock 'n' Roll is where I hide CD single, from back in the "number 1, king of pop" days.

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Well, if you ever want company at 161 give me a yell, it's pretty close. :) Thursdays are my favourite night to go out, but I can't always talk others into it.