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the decline of breakfast civilisation

It's depressing to note that Toast of Smith St has been in a downward spiral since I declared it to have the best Eggs Benedict I'd found in a while. Just the other day, I discovered that their nice orange menu (with a decent serif typeface on it) has been replaced with one of those angry fruit salad (on white) ones, done in a Comic Sans-like font (and this one is most definitely a mere font rather than a typeface). They still do that nice (if a little overfilling) corn fritter breakfast, but I'll have to look elsewhere for my breakfast aesthetics.

Holiday photos are almost up, by the way.

iTunes reckons it's playing The Shape Of Things That Never Came from Wolf Songs For Lambs by Jonathan Fire*Eater (yeah, you know, trying out ecto and all that).

* 15:48 * food and drink