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bartender's elbow

bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-07 bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-17 bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-22 bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-28 bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-34 bluestone/2002-08-27-pouring-comp-42

I wandered into the Bluestone for my usual morning coffee and discovered that their annual beer pouring competition was starting in about a half an hour. I dashed over to work and made sure my (working) world hadn't evaporated overnight or anything, and came back to watch.

The winners (Trent and Dean, the last two contestants) get to go to Adelaide next week to compete against all the other Belgian Beer Cafe staff, and the winner gets flown to Belgium to compete against the world's Belgian Beer pourers.

(no, I didn't drink any. I've always considered it polite to wait until midday, or something.)

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