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city cafe, st kilda

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Since I was here with company for a change, I forsook my usual "nutty bagel" for a breakfast menu arrangement. I must say I've never actually noticed anybody buy the books here, but I figure somebody must. Perhaps they smell of food, after hanging around in here so long. This could be a good thing. My photos of the cafe came out ok, but my photos of my companions weren't as good - the camera focussed on the table instead of the face, and so forth. Well. I'll get it better next time perhaps.

That was yesterday, though. Today it was time to do something about the hair, and while every Acland St eating place was full, City Cafe was much more sane (Barkly St just doesn't have the same mass-appeal I suppose). I went there for a very late post-haircut lunch, got an outside table, and started reading that Wolfgang Fluer book about being in Kraftwerk.

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