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bip bip bip bop bop bop

it's a nice coincidence so I guess that means I oughta buy it : random wanderings took me around a few music websites I hadn't been looking at lately - brainwashed, in its "news" bit said something about a wonderfully named band called casiotone for the painfully alone, which I filed away for future reference. Fine.

Later on, I found myself at Darla and hey, whaddya know ? Nice mp3.

Also, it looks like Emperor Norton will be releasing the new Buffalo Daughter album I next month, in lieu of Grand Royal (R.I.P.). A friend picked this up in Japan early last month, and I've been waiting to get my own copy. Highlight so far is the track Volcanic Girl, with its simple and effective guitar hooks and overall Good Sound. Less guitar oriented but no less pleasing are Discotheque Du Paradis and the bonus track StereoType C - vocals on the latter sound like one of the Cibo Matto girls...I'm not entirely certain of it, but given the name of the song it's an even chance.

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