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four seasons of trouble

I don't often buy vinyl, and usually I can't even be bothered browsing through it, but since I was killing time today it seemed like a reasonable thing to do in Greville Records. I found two things, which were somewhere in the middle of being a little much given that they were purely speculative purchases, but not so expensive that I felt terribly guilty about it. Or something.

I had to relocate around 70 CDs that'd taken up a less-temporary-than-expected residence on top of my record player. I'm a bit short on CD storage space these days, and I'm really going to have to do something about it soon.

  • Jeremy Gluck - I knew Buffalo Bill : I picked this up because, even though I had absolutely no idea who Jeremy Gluck is (but I just found this for starters), the record had Rowland S. Howard, Nikki Sudden, Epic Soundtracks and Jeffrey Lee Pierce on it, and I figured it was worth a look. Yeah, it was interesting enough upon first listen. A good find.

  • The Gun Club - The Birth The Death The Ghost : a 1983 collection of live tracks from 4 gigs. I'll need to give this another listen or two before it settles in, I think.

...so while the record player's out, I might go play that Suicide album, and that Fall 10 inch I've had hanging around...

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