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ninety nine at the corner hotel

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I managed to catch up with Haiyan before she heads back to Canada, and then we wandered down to the Corner Hotel to catch this Ninety Nine gig that acb recommended to me.

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They were pretty good - very energetic drumming by the guy in the green shirt, some good sounds, they sang about all sorts of stuff - a couple of middle-eastern things through board games, to a song about Japanese Bums. Instrument swapping was the norm. We also each got a free CD with the entry price - a complation of random tracks they'd put on various compilations and such over the years. I've had one quick listen through it this morning while I dealt with the photos, and it's a bit of a mixed bag, but a few songs seem pretty good so far.

Many of the photos I took, while looking fine on the viewfinder, ended up fairly blurred when I saw them on the computer. Bummer. I need steadier hands...

Oh yeah, and whilst in Brunswick St I popped into PolyEster for a little while and ended up impulse-buying that Wolfgang Fluer book, I was a Robot, about his times in Kraftwerk. Hmm. I wonder if this'll be good...

[ all pictures from the ninetynine gig ]

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