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greetings from the in-tray

I spent all of yesterday at work, so I figured I could let myself do a bit of shopping. Now gracing my in-tray (and still waiting to be listened to, in between revisiting old Severed Heads and related albums) :

  • Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows - Empty Arms Broken Hearts : a new album, which came bundled with a free 6-track EP called a many splendid thing (sic), promoting some of the bands playing the Splendour In The Grass festival.

  • Cousteau - Sirena : the second album, which I'm hoping measures up to the high standards set by the first.

  • Jim White - No Such Place : on my radar for positively ages. I still haven't really listened to Wrong-eyed Jesus much yet, although I've had it for a few months now.

  • The The - 45 RPM - the singles of : The guy in Second Spin showed me this as I was paying for the previous two, saying "I figured they'd be a band you'd like". He was right. There's a few unreleased tracks / alternate takes, the singles, and a CD full of remixes. I haven't listened to any of this stuff in ages either, so it'll be good to revisit these classics. If it was up to me though, I would've put dis-infected on there, 'cause it was such a great rework of the (already good) original.

  • Luna - slide EP : yes, that's right, I didn't have this yet. I should've bought it years ago, and kicked myself every time I saw it in the past couple of years going for some insane price or other. I happened to poke behind a Pizzicato Five EP (one I already had) in the singles rack while I waited at the counter, and hey, whaddya know ? $6 ! The cover of Beat Happening's Indian Summer is nice and dreamy and Luna-like, but of course it just doesn't have Calvin Johnson's wonderful deep voice...

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