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severed heads retrospective

Remember Severed Heads ? Forgotten, but not gone, or something like that. I dropped off the mailing list a few months ago when they purged (I hadn't been keeping up anyway. Maybe later), which meant that I missed out on hearing about this cinema showing of 20 years' worth of work, as reviewed on Rocknerd by a name I recognize from the list. Of course, I'm not in Sydney, so it probably didn't help to know about it beforehand.

Just poking at the sevcom website, I see I'm falling behind with the re-releases - Tom's done Rotund For Success. It's pretty firmly in the realm of songs with lyrics - with a couple of singles, even - as opposed to some of the tape-loop madness of the early 1980's (cf. oh, maybe Since The Accident and Clifford darling, please don't live in the past). I'll have to go and dig up my old copy of this, purchased a good 11 years or so ago at Douglas Hi Fi (remember them ? they used to have these big tape reels above the entrance to the shop).

* 23:19 * music