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with love

Scan-090418-0012 - north elbourne Scan-090418-0006 - brunswick

In case you hadn't noticed from my flickr stream lately, I'm completely in love with my Kiev 60 (or, perhaps, the lens on it). Using it's a rather different process to the kind of "shoot and run" stuff you can do with a 35mm (or digital) camera, but the results are frequently worth the effort of hauling it around - more often than not, so far, as shown by this roll (I've never uploaded an entire roll to flickr before).

Scan-090418-0002 - northcote, near Dennis station Scan-090403-0016 - Preston South

I must say, I'm becoming quite fond of Fuji Provia film (as used in 5 of the 6 photos shown here), having picked up a few rolls of expired stuff from the Camberwell Camera Market the other week. I'm a little scared to try Velvia in this thing, I figure it might burn my eyes.

Scan-090403-0035 - Preston Scan-090403-0034 - Preston

The other thing I promised I'd try this year was developing my own B&W film - I've recently acquired enough bits and bobs to try this out, and once I finish a roll of "expendable" film in my camera (I'm about 2/3 of the way there, honest) we'll see how it goes.

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