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from a 727 at night

The good thing about working at branch offices is that you can't usually pull 12 hour days because nobody there wants to hang around with you. Despite a week of that, I still managed to do around 230-odd hours of work last month, I'm told. Here's some photos of Sydney (I managed to get Sunday off, at least):

sydney/2004/10/29-12:58:32 sydney/2004/10/29-21:00:24 sydney/2004/10/30-17:09:46 sydney/2004/10/30-17:26:07 sydney/2004/10/30-18:13:14 sydney/2004/10/31-12:31:49 sydney/2004/11/01-18:44:19 sydney/2004/11/01-19:10:27 sydney/2004/11/02-18:26:31

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