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I sorta got reminded a couple of times lately to go buy some more Pere Ubu (or maybe that new David Thomas and Two Pale Boys album), but Chapel and Greville Streets didn't wanna play ball when I checked a few shops while I was walking between jobs. Ah well. Next time. Meanwhile, I reeled in three(!) old American Analog Set releases over in Perth the weekend before last - I'm almost all droned out, now (it almost seemed like I'd heard all the good bits on that Through the 90's compilation/live stuff release, but that's only half-true). I even grabbed myself a copy of American Music Club's Everclear at long last, so I've got all the albums (so what now?). Oh, and some of the new Gun Club rereleases, though I'll admit I went straight back to the guilty pleasures of Fire of Love 'cause I hadn't listened to it in so long.

Work's starting to clear (well, sort of). I've got a spiffy new camera on the way, at last (you have to understand how much I agonised over it before giving in, ok?). Maybe I'll start going to gigs again, even. But let's just take things one step at a time, for now.

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