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Catching up on recent photos :

music/golden_rough/2003-02-15-01 music/golden_rough/2003-02-15-07 music/golden_rough/2003-02-15-10 music/golden_rough/2003-02-15-16

Golden Rough at the Candle Records gig at the Corner on the 15th of February (pictures start here).


Last photo in the old house.

melbourne/brunswick/2003-02-22-03 melbourne/brunswick/2003-02-22-10 melbourne/brunswick/2003-02-22-17 melbourne/brunswick/2003-02-22-18

Pictures from my 15km walk up Sydney Road to the Ford Factory (pictures start here).

music/galvin/2003-03-02-01 music/galvin/2003-03-02-04 music/galvin/2003-03-02-11 music/galvin/2003-03-02-14

Some rather dark (sorry !) pictures of Galvin at the Commercial yesterday, though I quite like this one, at least.

melbourne/brunswick/2003-03-02-01 melbourne/brunswick/2003-03-02-02 melbourne/brunswick/2003-03-02-03

A few whilst wandering around Brunswick yesterday morning.

/melbourne/2003/03/02-01 /melbourne/2003/03/02-04 /melbourne/2003/03/02-09

A few more wandering around Yarraville yesterday afternoon (pictures start here) - "repetition engineers" would be a great name for a Fall compilation, as if there weren't enough already.

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