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DSL's been installed in my new home, though I still need to buy a desk - despite the versatility of this 19-inch monitor box (ironing board, keyboard + mouse rest, etc.) it's getting a bit much.

I caught Galvin at the Commercial Hotel in Yarraville this afternoon in their 5-guitar glory - still sounding great despite a few PA problems. Photos up soon (along with Golden Rough from the other week).

Dare I suggest that there's too many gigs happening in March ? I just can't get to them all :

  • Karmic Hit's 10-year anniversary on the 6th at the Corner.

  • Architecture in Helsinki's album launch on the 7th at the Corner.

  • Cosmic Psychos and The Sailors on the 7th at the Tote.

  • The Bats on the 8th at the Corner.

  • Teenage Fanclub on the 13th at the Prince of Wales (thanks for the ticket, Steven !).

  • The music of Ed Kuepper plus the avant-garde film work of Len Lye (who I know absolutely nothing about) on the 13th at ACMI.

  • Richard Buckner on the 13th at the Corner and the 14th at the Rob Roy (I picked up Impasse today on the off-chance I feel like going on the 14th).

  • A showing of a documentary called Heartworn Highways, about "the outlaws who changed country music forever", featuring people like Townes van Zandt, Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Steve Young, etc. on the 15th and 16th at 8pm at the Paramount Cinema Club in Brunswick.

  • Stephen Cummings' album launch gig on the 16th at the Corner, for the excellent Firecracker - "it's a bit like his Priscilla's Nightmare album," my sister said (bonus points if you know who they were...).

  • Lambchop on the 26th and 27th at the Corner.

  • Git played this afternoon and are playing next Sunday (the 9th) at the Old Colonial.

  • Wagons have a March residence at the Rob Roy on Sunday afternoons at 3pm.

  • Matt Walker and the Necessary Few have a March residence at the Cornish Arms on Thursday nights.

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