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quick status report

A first quick listen to the new Go-Betweens album reveals something a bit more laid-back and easy-going than the last one. This is good, relaxing, and they're doing what they do best.

DSL for the new house should be arriving soon, which means I'll (finally!) be able to post my Golden Rough pictures from the Candle Records thing a week or so ago.

I managed to listen to the first disc of the Field Mice compilation that acb gave me for my birthday - it wasn't entirely what I expected (drum machines ? synths ?), but no less enjoyable for it.

Lastly, Galvin are doing a gig at the Commercial in Yarraville this Sunday arvo at 3pm, if you're feeling up to seeing some country(ish) music with lotsa guitars (6-string, 12-string, electric, bass and pedal steel) in it.

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