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pretzels for pacman?

I've still been taking photos, mostly just Melbourne ones, though I haven't been mentioning it here. Here's a few from December :

melbourne/2003/12/02-12:55:58 melbourne/2003/12/07-11:43:55 melbourne/2003/12/07-16:30:37 melbourne/2003/12/14-14:13:17 melbourne/2003/12/21-12:47:37

...and from this month, so far :

melbourne/2004/01/04-12:08:40 melbourne/2004/01/06-17:19:29 melbourne/2004/01/10-11:40:32 melbourne/2004/01/10-11:52:49 melbourne/2004/01/10-13:29:52

My G2's now over 2 years old. Is it time for a new one? I don't know whether to go for size (Ixus 400) or whether to just give up and go and buy an EOS 300D and be done with it (and like, learn how to use it properly). Either way, I can't see myself just buying a G5. It's a fine camera, but I guess I have to make the, er, "hard" decision. I'd appreciate guidance from all my friends out there who know way more about this stuff than I do (you know who you are).

If you want more, here's a good rundown of some of the LJ communities that post interesting photos (I've yet to post any there myself, I'm worried about getting myself mired in a whole new world of politics...).

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