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no film today

I tried developing my first roll of 120 film from the Kiev 60, but accidentally opened the whole lid of the developing tank instead of the smaller one where you pour in the developer. As might be expected, this made the film a bit unhappy. It's still drying off, but I don't think there's a whole salvageable photo like there was with last week's roll.

Instead, here's two photos I took last Wednesday with the Zeiss folder on Ilford XP2 Super, which is chromogenic film - black and white that's developed using the C41 process, normally used for colour film - hence I didn't (try to) develop it myself.

Scan-090426-0007 Scan-090426-0006

Coming next? I just picked up a bunch of expired B&W 35mm film to home-develop, so I suspect I oughta go and shoot some.

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