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snarski vs snarski, anzac day eve at the cornish arms

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I wasn't really expecting to see Mark Snarski play live, given that he'd apparently been living in Spain for ages (Madrid, he says), but for whatever reason he was in town, so we were treated to a double bill with his brother Rob, who you may have heard of more recently...

Rob started with a cross-section of his work (including one from his band with Mark, Chad's Tree), then teased Mark onto the stage with Spanish is the Loving Tongue. Mark did a pile of Jackson Code songs (I never knew he'd written Bring Yourself Home To Me for James Reyne, and only recorded himself after it was turned down, but hey, maybe I'm just a naive fanboy missing a joke?) before the two of them got up and did all sorts of crowd-pleasing old stuff.

I guess it's time to brush up on my Chad's Tree catalogue - I picked up a 7inch at the Au Go Go last-day sale, but that's all I've even heard. How remiss of me.

(meanwhile, the Go-Betweens biography I've been reading mentioned how Amanda Brown turned down an offer to join Chad's Tree to join the Go-Betweens instead, so there you go.)

[ see all the photos from the Snarski vs Snarski gig. ]

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