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brunswick st booty

In-tray. I picked up a few things last night on the way to the gig (photos up later tonight, once fink finishes compiling ImageMagick on my reinstalled laptop) :

  • Lali Puna - Faking the Books. The previous album sounded like they were a bit too scared to come out from under the bed, but this one seems a little harder and wiser, maybe?

  • Small Knives - Rain on Tin. They used to be called the Friendly Injun. I'd been waiting a while to see an album from these guys. It's nice. Tender, even.

  • Mekons - Hello Cruel World: selected lyrics. I saw this advertised in the back of David Nichols' updated Go-Betweens biography last week, and I was lucky enough to come across a copy in Polyester last night.

* 22:50 * music