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not half bad


I'd been intrigued by the phenomenon of half-frame cameras and picked up what turned out to be a non-working Canon Dial 35 on eBay, so when the Camberwell Photographic Market came around I figured I'd look out for something there - I passed by a couple of overpriced Dials ($195?!), and ended up with one of the better-looking Olympus Pens that I saw - mine's an EE 2, and there's absolutely nothing to configure apart from the film speed (which only goes up to 400).

F1000007 F1000012

The first two rolls went pretty quickly on the way home from the pub were we'd caught up after the market to swap shopping stories.

F1000021 F1000022

A few of my quick shots of the crowds shifting between buses and trains ended up in a new set, the face of disruption.

F1010014 F1010020

...and I took heaps out the window of the bus while traveling the all-too-familiar Hoddle St.

[ see all the photos taken with my Olympus Pen EE-2. ]

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