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another one


I've bought a new camera in time for the impending holiday - it's a lot more compact than the DSLR, and I figured a 28mm lens would make a good companion to the 40mm in my beloved Canonet. I could've just bought that second-hand R2 a few months back (along with whatever lens they had to go with it), but since then I managed to do a lot more research on which Bessa I wanted, and ended up deciding on an R4A instead.

Scan-081008-0016-02 Scan-081008-0017-01

I'm still sorting through the first 2 rolls I've shot with it (and wrestling with the pair of scanners I have at my disposal), but here's a couple from each roll to look at.

Scan-081010-0006-02 Scan-081010-0006-03

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