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please no hands

Just quickly, here's my photos from Perth, the weekend before last:

perth/2004/07/17-19:50:45 perth/2004/07/18-13:12:16 perth/2004/07/18-13:20:39 perth/2004/07/18-14:07:58 perth/2004/07/18-14:35:16 perth/2004/07/18-14:46:34 perth/2004/07/18-18:41:24 perth/2004/07/18-19:27:13 perth/2004/07/18-19:34:59 perth/2004/07/20-20:04:27

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...and a few from Sydney:

sydney/2004/07/22-17:00:33 sydney/2004/07/22-18:30:43 sydney/2004/07/22-19:23:33 sydney/2004/07/23-11:50:22 sydney/2004/07/23-13:46:21

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Annotations to come later (sorry), when work calms down a bit. There's a handful of pics from Brisbane that aren't particularly interesting ('cause I got there on a redeye flight, hadn't had any sleep and went straight to work).

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