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the other side of the world

I'm home, now. We flew into Vienna at the start of November and over the rest of the month caught... [more]

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lost arts

via unmadeup, William Shaw's latest project is to hitch-hike from Land's End to John O'Groats. Well, assuming anybody still picks... [more]

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I've got through to the end of my holiday photos - about 20% of them are up there at... [more]

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out of range

I'm out of town for a while. Words are appearing over here as I get the opportunity. Photos will appear... [more]

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let's go to birmingham

From Resonance FM, a remix of British Transport Films by Richard Thomas. I'm hoping acb already knows about these films,... [more]

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Back home, but moving straight away. Goodbye Northcote, hello Preston. Of all the airports I passed through, Melbourne Airport was... [more]

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ring ring

It's my last day in Chiang Mai where I found, of all things, another Iain Sinclair book in a second-hand... [more]

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hit the north

Well, I'm off. I've got a couple more J.G. Ballard novels, hopefully "enough" music and a new hat. Seeya... [more]

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the little things in life

I just received a new t-shirt (also this one) and I've got another interesting DVD to watch before I'm off... [more]

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death of the melbourne music scene, espisode n+1

I was in St Kilda for the first time in ages and popped into Raoul Records to pick up the... [more]

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long live the lazyweb

Now that Google Maps does the Satellite photo thing, somebody's already started finding interesting sights so that you don't have... [more]

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I whacked up a handful more early trip photos, but can't seem to put them in the right place... [more]

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I'm home. I've got clothes to wash, CDs to rip, t-shirts to wear, sad news to process, and work to... [more]

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why did the cassowary cross the road?

I'll be home friday arvo. I might have to upload my Daintree photos then, since flickr currently isn't behaving.... [more]

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i wanna live in a bathysphere

when I was seven my father said to me 'but you can't swim' and I've never dreamed of the sea... [more]

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make like a tree

I've made it to Port Douglas. I'll catch up on the earlier photos later on, but I've posted a... [more]

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. Just a quick one from the Beef Capital of Australia, while I've got hold of some wireless net access... [more]

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making tracks

Ok, I fly out tomorrow morning. For better or worse I'm taking the old 12inch Powerbook (size matters, y'know) for... [more]

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going away, baby

Well, I think I've got it worked out. I can't think of what else to do for this year's February... [more]

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from a 727 at night

The good thing about working at branch offices is that you can't usually pull 12 hour days because nobody there... [more]

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new maps of hell

Quick, before they outlaw it. The world's a different place, eh?... [more]

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please no hands

photos from my work trip to perth and sydney [more]

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i was a stranger

I'm in Perth for work, but that's not until Monday. Extended musings can be found on the lonely radio. After... [more]

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sand in my sandals, my blood feels like red wine

Photos from Thailand - Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok. [more]

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Photos from Malaysia. [more]

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notes from the waiting room

photos from my Singapore 2004 holiday [more]

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say you miss me

I'm home. I abandoned Bangkok for Chiang Mai's cooler weather (apart from a transit night each way), but apart... [more]

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bubble and scrape

I'm in Hua Hin, Thailand. There's no cloud, just a haze of smoke from somewhere or other. I can't read... [more]

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pulau pinang

I'm about halfway through my time on Penang Island, after catching the night train from KL and getting the RM... [more]

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one down, two to go

I've made it to Kuala Lumpur by train, and thanks to a local friend calling in a favour, or something,... [more]

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twenty-nine days

As promised, I'm off to just other side of the Equator. I'll post if I can, and I'll be back... [more]

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riding with the ghost

So here's the plan. I'm going to start from Singapore, instead, and head north. I'll probably buy a smaller camera... [more]

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mystery train

Hey, I think I've got it. Why don't I lazily wander down from Bangkok (or even Chiang Mai) to Singapore... [more]

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you're the apple of my eyelash

I decided around the end of last year that I'm taking February off (yeah. all of it), so it's probably... [more]

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investigating the trivial

Essendon Airport isn't so far from Ascot Vale. 2 hours' walk, more or less. But rather than heading north at... [more]

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going where the weather suits my clothes

I was feeling not unlike those trees the day we walked around Williamstown, but at least it was a... [more]

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one more in the cabin

It's good to know I'm not the only non-driver who's nevertheless still a Melway lover. On my days off lately... [more]

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every time i hit your crystal city, you know you're gonna make a wreck out of me

So on the spur of the moment I bought a ticket to Brisbane, with the intention of popping up... [more]

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I'm alive, just out of town (more on this later). Surprise CD purchase was finding a second-hand copy of the... [more]

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the edge of the world

Seems like everybody's moving house, eh ? Well, my latest excuse for being too slack to blog is that I'm... [more]

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I took a 2.5-day micro-vacation(?) with my parents down to Flinders, on the Westernport Bay-side of the Mornington Peninsula.... [more]

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Perhaps the first thing I miss about Singapore is not being able to buy lime juice to drink, wherever... [more]

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message in a bottle

If you weren't aware of what I've been up to, I'm still in Singapore. I'll be back by the middle... [more]

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old photos

I won a PC, a scanner and a printer, as part of the 3RRR Radiothon (thanks guys !) So now... [more]

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