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ring ring

It's my last day in Chiang Mai where I found, of all things, another Iain Sinclair book in a second-hand shop - but London Orbital at that, his book about the M25 ring road. I've been circling and dissecting Chiang Mai's old town by foot, which has its own ring road around it. Is this coincidence? After a couple of days I had to give my brain a rest and switched over to an old Bukowski I picked up (Factotum), and there's 3 and a half J.G. Ballards to get through after that. I guess I'll have more time in Hua Hin next week, where I can spend a half hour in a deckchair pretending I fit into this tourist thing before it's all too much and I have to go for another walk.

Speaking of Mr Ballard, though, I just saw a piece about whitecollarundone over at The Age, which handily name-drops him. If you haven't read High Rise or Super-Cannes, now's the time.

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