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unsensored 08

Get yerself down to the Collingwood Gallery on 292 Smith St over the next 2 weeks to see some of... [more]

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ring ring

It's my last day in Chiang Mai where I found, of all things, another Iain Sinclair book in a second-hand... [more]

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don't forget your clark-nova

Via Gadling, there's an InterZone Beat Festival to celebrate William S. Burroughs' birthday on February 4th. Grant Hart, who famously(?)... [more]

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all the tvs in town

Via Barista, Fluxus and TV-art guy (among other things) Nam June Paik is no longer with us. I saw... [more]

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space alive exhibition

Space Alive, a collection of installation works by Kieran Mangan, Jesse Morris, Amy Sadovsky and Rosi Osman. Wed-Fri 12-8,... [more]

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beer and skittles

I've had plenty of people ask to use my photos for little projects. More recently, an old photo I... [more]

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The artincities project wants your photos of, uh, art in cities. Drop by and submit it if you've got it.... [more]

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a funny thing happened on the way to jb hi fi...

outer space is a lonely place.... [more]

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captain bulhak

Nice work, art boy. I'll try and pop in some time. Does this include your Punters Club shot ?... [more]

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the other mr squiggle

Via memepool, a guy who draws cartoons on the back of business cards. Nifty (eg. the Raymond Carver one in... [more]

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Scrumptious new fonts (Baskerville 1757, Montrachet and Monteverdi) by Lars Bergquist at Fountain. If only I had a use for... [more]

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speaking of random pomo artwork...

...there's a new exhibition on at Glen Eira town hall until mid-december sometime, I think, by final year Monash Uni... [more]

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I always had a soft spot for Vault, which everybody called the Yellow Peril instead. The Age has a... [more]

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more local art, and a bit of retro filmage

I caught acb's work being displayed as part of a collection of Fitzroy-themed art, last night. It stood up pretty... [more]

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investigating the local talent

The Glen Eira council's gallery had some new exhibitions going on - in the almost 5 years I've been living... [more]

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