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one down, two to go

I've made it to Kuala Lumpur by train, and thanks to a local friend calling in a favour, or something, I've got two nights at a Very Expensive Hotel (after which I need to find somewhere else to stay around here. ah well). I spent most of last night staring out the window, almost too scared to touch anything. The bathroom's about the same size as the tiny room I had at Hotel 1929 in Singapore (which, admittedly, was quite stylish and as much room as I actually needed). I'm about to venture outside, and see what I can find.

Meanwhile, I picked up a few CDs, shirts and t-shirts in Singapore. Yes, they have Copy Controlled CDs too, and unfortunately the new Stereolab one was going for about $40-odd so I figured I'd leave it until I get home (is it any good?). I managed to get the new Air CD, at least. And just at the exact moment that I was feeling really bored of flipping through endless rows of nothing at Tower Records in Suntec, I came across the Toshack Highway album. Score!

Not many photos yet (and no chance to upload them) - I got my Canon IXUS 400 and a 512MB CF card. It does most of the things the G2 does minus some of the more manual bits, but I guess I'll live.

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