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going where the weather suits my clothes

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I was feeling not unlike those trees the day we walked around Williamstown, but at least it was a day off.


On Altona's pier I read about good starfish (blue, more arms, put 'em back in the water if you catch one) and bad starfish (orange, fewer arms, throw 'em in the bin if you catch one.


Somewhere in Spotswood last Tuesday, just near Scienceworks, I saw a pile of dead starfish (the bad variety) on a small pier. But that was after I'd walked down from Footscray, and under the Westgate Bridge:

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I made it to Williamstown (3 hours after setting out from Footscray, in the wrong shoes), where dragonflies hung around the railway station. If there isn't enough of them to call it a swarm, what do you call it? there were more than 10 of them hanging around me, I reckon, but that's not a swarm (this was a swarm). My feet hurt, but god I felt better inside.

Last Thursday I headed North from Ascot Vale, through the Essendon shops (where I saw probably the ultimate testosterone shop - it sold Guns and Rifles, Tobacco, and Men's Hairstyles), and if I'd known I was so close to Essendon Airport I would've gone the extra kilometre to get there, instead of wimping out when the rain started up. Still, it's good to be exercising again on my days off.

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