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you're the apple of my eyelash

I decided around the end of last year that I'm taking February off (yeah. all of it), so it's probably some kind of karmic justice that I (still) just don't know what to do with myself. I'll be travelling somewhere. Almost anywhere. I just want to relax, wander around and take photos of things. Europe and the USA are out (i'll go there some other time). I'd love to, uh, borrow any good ideas you might have for travel locations at this time of year.

Meanwhile, here's some recent photos:

melbourne/2004/01/11-11:11:47 melbourne/2004/01/11-11:28:32 melbourne/2004/01/17-19:00:27 melbourne/2004/01/17-19:12:41

Yes, that "Josif K Motors" is real.

(and thanks for the Swervedriver stuff, Rob!)

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Seeing that I haven't visited my homeland before, I decided that it's probably time that I took a trip to Malaysia. I got lazy, and decided to book a 15 day tour in mid-Feb that covers KL, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Taman Negara National Park and the Perhentian Islands. Should be fun.


You've never been there? I constantly feel guilty for not having returned to England since 1984...But you know, it's kinda far. And stuff.