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investigating the trivial

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Essendon Airport isn't so far from Ascot Vale. 2 hours' walk, more or less. But rather than heading north at the start and following the Essendon shops and Keilor Road, this time I went along the Maribyrnong River, heading north from there. There's a nice rolling hill or two to walk up, some kind of community house on stilts, and a mostly empty airport (though I noticed Channel Ten had a sign on one of the old warehouses).

Even just walking through the airport carpark, you can't help think "hey, this used to be it. No multi-level monstrosities, this was the carpark. The entryway to Melbourne." It reminded me a little of the Townsville airport carpark, I guess, apart from the frightening clusters of "Wrong Way" signs.

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(also, details on Saturday's $150 haul from Au Go Go's last day will be forthcoming, once I've actually listened to at least some of it.)

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