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bricks and sentiment

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More practice and exercise. Chai in Café Sahara, watching all the onslaught of new buildings across the street. Treasure-hunting in Au Go Go (I must stop ringing up friends and asking "hey, this CD I lent you that you said you liked, it's going for $15, do you want it ?" I feel like a pusher). Aimless wandering kills time, before my friend picks me up for dinner in Williamstown. The CBD's almost foreign to me these days - I remember as a child, it used to promise all sorts of unknown treasures. Now it's just a collection of old memories of places that used to be.

(for the person who happened to ask me yesterday for some pictures of Williamstown - I didn't manage to take any, sorry, 'cause it was dark when we got there. I'll try and head back sometime soon, though.)

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