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snarski vs snarski, 2005-09-04 at the nsc


About 18 months after the last time, Mark Snarski was back in town and he teamed up with brother Rob for a night of old favourites. Rob gave us the usual heavenly walk through the Blackeyed Susans catalogue, and Mark did the same with songs from his Jackson Code days, pulling out a few surprises (such as Kerosene and he finished up with Joe's Flame) and throwing in a few new songs too. They didn't spend much time together on stage this time, unfortunately, although an old Chad's Tree album was auctioned off at the end (also called Kerosene I think?).

(Sorry it took me a week to post these, I had a rather busy week.)

[ see all the photos from Snarski vs. Snarski at the Northcote Social Club on 2005-09-04. ]

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