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the american analog set - set free

the American Analog Set - Set Free

You can, should and will enjoy the new American Analog Set album, Set Free. I didn't even know one was coming, so it was of extreme(!) surprise to be browsing the new releases over in Readings on Lygon St last weekend to find a familiar-looking cover (almost a cross between the previous two albums, in a way). I snatched it up, along with the new Mick Harvey album (which was my primary reason for going there) and the Chris Bailey addition to the Liberation Blue Acoustic Series (which I also didn't know existed, until I found it).

The album starts off perfectly. I mean it. If you've been working all sorts of odd hours like I have lately, putting this on is an instant pacifier. The rest of it purrs along, like walking with an old friend you haven't caught up with in a long time. There are no real surprises here, but that's because the AmAnSet really know what they're doing - they're great at maintaining vibes. More power to them.

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