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the end of a minor drought

I received an e-mail from another expat this morning, telling me how much he enjoyed my melbourne photos. This made me feel suitably guilty for not having put up any photos in the last (nearly) 5 months, so I've finallly sat down and done the long-promised reorganization to make things a bit more modem-friendly.

In the Bad Old DaysTM I simply lumped all my photos of melbourne-related things into a single directory, which was fine until I noticed it'd grown to 480 photos. Now I've split it all up by year and month, because it was a simple conversion - all the files were named by date, so all I had to do was turn YYYY-MM-DD-blah.jpg into YYYY/MM/DD-blah.jpg. With a bit of help from Apache's mod_rewrite, backward compatibilty has been preserved in theory (well, we'll see how it goes in practice).

I'll be going through my backlog of 300 or so photos I've taken since the start of April, and they'll be up real soon, honest.

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