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useless inventions (or not) - guided by voices' earthquake glue

Guided by Voices album reviews tend to be a bit like David Bowie ones, preaching about how "they/he's finally back in form after those recent duds", but then a few months later people cool off a bit, and hindsight isn't quite so kind. Nevertheless, we keep buying the albums, right?

So here we go again. Earthquake Glue does honestly seem a little better than previous efforts (which I still like, mind you) - it took me a good 6 months or so to get around to really enjoying bits of Universal Truths and Cycles, whereas I've been enjoying this one right off the bat. Of course, it could also be that it's the only CD I've bought in the last week, so I haven't been overwhelmed with listening options, but when I've reached the end of my CD during my pre/post-work public transporting, I've just thought "hey, maybe I'll just listen to it again, I can't be stuffed fishing about for another CD" - this can only be a good sign.

Number one song for me is Useless Inventions, which recalls the offbeat energy of Subspace Biographies, currently my personal Best Bob Pollard Song Ever - maybe this one'll take over, but it's early days yet.

Where did it all start for me? I remember spotting a vinyl copy of Sunfish Holy Breakfast on the wall of Au Go Go in the city one day - you know, the cover with the crosslegged nude hippies on the cover. Going by the cover, and the name of the band, I dismissed it as some old hippie psychedelic guff I probably wouldn't be interested in. But I started to hear about them a little later on, and one of those huge Shock Records stock clearance sales in the late 90's I picked up Alien Lanes and Under the Bushes, Under the Stars for about $10 each. It took a while for me to get a round tuit, but they worked their magic on me and it all followed on from there. I've only got about 15 of the GBV/Pollard catalogue (plus 2 Tobin Sprout albums), but they've certainly become an essential part of my collection.

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