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keep yer southern love away from me

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The Rob Roy's front bar has a door flanked by their two heroes (I guess) - Clint Eastwood and Brian Naylor (well, I dunno, you work it out). I caught Wagons on Sunday afternoon (the nothern part of town seemed sufficiently safe from the Grand Prix crowds), doing a fun set to try and get back into things after an apparently disappointing (from the band's point of view) set at the Great Britain the night before. There were a few new tracks - at least two were based on the "jail is hell" theme - and they finished up with their signature song (for me, at least) trying to get home, featuring a great washboard solo. Good work !

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Just as Wagons finished, Git started up at the Old Colonial, a few minutes' walk up Brunswick Street. I hadn't seen them before but they were every bit as good as what I'd heard on CD (their Rising Sun sessions and a contribution to last year's local Gene Clark tribute album you can't hide your love forever). The girls were all smiles - music is, after all, supposed to be fun, or at least, this sort is. Their break between sets went on for quite a while and I couldn't stay, unfortunately. I'd been trying to work up the courage to ask them to do Mr Sandman. Maybe next time.

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