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the go-betweens, 2003-06-26 at the corner hotel

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Robert Forster's looking rather stately as the years go by, with his silver mane and all. Grant McLennan's looking more blokey, I suppose. Robert seemed to be running the show, screaming into the microphone towards the end of the final song, The house Jack Kerouac built, and doing various other rock-star poses and actions. Still, he's earnt it I guess. Grant seemed content just to sing along off to one side. Does this make him the weaker of the two? Why? Robert could've never written a song like Bachelor Kisses, could he? It's a shame they didn't do that one on the night, but with their back catalogue, it's hard to keep everybody happy (I thought about shouting out "2541!" but couldn't manage to make myself do it). I'm glad they had the whole band thing happening, this time - 2002 seemed to be the year of the acoustic act, but 2003 seems to have found a bit more backing musicians. I'm all for it. The Go-Betweens are still in top form - go and see them if they pass by your part of the world. The highlight was probably Robert's 121 - you could tell it was a song he really enjoyed playing.

Oh yes. Sorry to the guy next to me who got annoyed about me taking so many photos. I'll endeavour to be less distracting, next time.

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