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gentle ben and his sensitive side's return to melbourne


There comes a time, mid-song, when Ben Corbett starts shaking. Each drumbeat's a gunshot and he twists, turns and leaps into the air to avoid it. Or something like that. He's still great, having lost none of the energy he had when I saw him about a year ago, and the band still plays tight and powerful, amplifying his anguish.

Once they started up, the people came close up, so I was stuck in one (pretty good) corner. I'm far too shy to push through crowds holding my camera, y'know.

I couldn't hang around for (literally) brother band Six Foot Hick, unfortunately. Hopefully next time.


Beforehand, I'd arrived just at the end of the set by Zombie Sex Gang (loud, but not unenjoyable), and caught the next support, The Dacios, a guitar/drums duo led by a smallish girl with a big voice. They were pretty rockin' at times - you could never see her eyes under her fringe, and she had a pretty good scream. One or two of the songs mid-set dragged on a bit, but I mostly enjoyed them (I couldn't understand a word she was singing, but never mind).

[ see all photos from last night | Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side's website. ]

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g'day.great snaps from the doot gig!We're in Melbs again next weekend.Fri 3/6 @ the pony [2am] & sat 4/6 @ tote.true story....

> Posted by el norto at May 28, 2005 12:11 PM

gentle ben launch new lp 'the sober light of day'@ the tote this friday with support from rowland s-amongst others.very excited!!!

> Posted by el norto at October 17, 2005 11:05 AM

yeah, i saw! looking forward to it. I'll do my best to make it...

> Posted by cos at October 17, 2005 11:29 AM

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