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rss feed for beat gig guide

It's been ages since I did something vaguely useful for the world, so here goes. I've written another RSS feed scraper - this time, it's for the Beat Magazine Gig Guide (of course, if they do their own RSS feed, I'd be more than happy to remove mine. I built it out of necessity, you understand...). From here, it should be a lot easier to find out when yer favourite bands are playing. I really can't explain why I didn't get around to writing this years ago (eg. when I wrote the Debian packages one) - God knows I'd been vaguely theorizing about it.

Service is 100% non-guaranteed. Usefulness is limited if you're not in Melbourne (.au). If the page changes format, it'll break in all sorts of interesting ways until I get around to fixing it. But you probably figured that out already.

So anyway, here's the feed.

Have fun!

[ see also: new debian packages as an rss feed. ]

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I haven't had a look at this yet but I'll chime in and say that I think it's great. I was thinking about the Laura feed and how it's a nice idea, but I would really prefer a gig feed that includes as many bands as possible.

I wish folks would all stick on their tie-dye shirts and make RSS feeds so I don't have to deal with all their horrific interfaces (I'm looking at your TV channels and cinemas).

> Posted by Ash at August 29, 2005 2:19 AM

Thanks for creating the feed, I've added it to my Livejournal. I stopped in here by way of LJ, while looking for music-related goodness to pass my working day.

> Posted by Leo at September 16, 2005 10:26 AM

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