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the curse of the mekons

CBD shopping today, whereupon I was hoping to be able to listen to a copy of Alex Chilton's Like Flies on Sherbert. This didn't happen, because the only place I found it in was Au Go Go, who don't seem to have a listening post since they moved up the laneway and up the stairs into a more obscure home.

So instead of that, I found myself with a few other things :

  • Palace Music's Viva Last Blues - I was so amazed to find a Will Oldham CD second hand ($18 ! that's about half-normal-price !) that I commented to the girl at the counter in Collector's Corner, who said "yeah. it was mine. I just got married, and my husband has a copy of it too, so I sold mine..."

  • Kasey Chambers' Barricades and Brickwalls - I'm still a bit unsure whether her voice is a bit too cutesy-sounding for me, but I kinda like the bits and pieces I've heard from this, and $16 seemed like a steal, given that most second-hand places are still flogging it for over $20 at the moment.

  • Lesser's Mensa Dance Squad - you can listen to bits of this over at Epitonic - I hadn't seen Gearhound available here for anything less than near-daylight robbery, but this seemed to be available at a more reasonable price over at the equally obscurely located Synaesthesia. I also had a bit of a listen to the Size CD that I never managed to get around to ordering from sevcom. Not quite enough to make me want to buy it yet, but we'll see.

Also, after creating a monster-sized "intended future purchases" list at Amazon, CDNow e-mails me saying I can have $2 off each item in my wishlist. Bye-bye little (virtual) plastic notes. Of course, it was only after I placed the order that they decided to mention that "oh, that Mekons CD (the appropriately named Curse of the Mekons) is backordered, and it'll take 1-4 weeks to turn up to our warehouse". Since it was the one I wanted the most out of the lot, I'll just sit here and wait patiently for it, 'cause that's the kind of sucker I am.

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